Happy January 2021

Happy January 2021 🙂, wish everyone is well and safe. Breath additional life into High - End Music System starting today at https://uitaudio.com/
Learn how Bob Levi from Positive Feedback thought about Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Purifier Speaker Cables V2 and why it is selected for one of products made into "The 17th Annual Positive Feedback Writers Choice Award for 2020"
Thanks for the positive review from Bob Levi, Senior Editor at Large, Positive Feedback and other editors for the publish on Positive Feedback.
"Frequency response is even and predictable, definition is extraordinary, sound staging is huge but well organized, imaging is close to the best of the best, and deep background coloration is inky black enhancing the imaging relief. Made of copper, silver clad copper, and pure silver wire, there is a special module in the center of the cable which filters/enhances the sound, breaking ground noise and eliminating EMI/RFI. This design is present on everything UITaudio produces. The excellent shielding, creative wire construction, and the module combine to make every model UIT produces including their USB cables top of class. Their new V2 speaker cable is stunning."
- Editors at Positive Feedback (for Full Article Content)
- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback (for Sections on UIT)
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