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UITaudio PMP-354P Music Purifier Impressions And Review - Expatinjapan

Learn how expatianjapn from Head Pie thought about Unique Innovation Technology Co. Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series and its promise to improve music experience: "I found that the UITaudio did perform as promised" Source: UITaudio PMP-354P Music Purifier Impressions And Review - Expatinjapan Offline Version in PDF: Offline Version Thanks for the positive review from expatianjapn from Head Pie! Sincerely, Unique Innovation Technology Team

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UIT PMP Series - Bring Your Mobile Music Experience to Next Level

It is always a challenging problem on how to eliminate noise within the music system while preserving the signal itself. The noise is caused by the electronic ground circuit connection between different components and the shared connection between left and right music channels (crosstalk). This noise will degrade your audio experience: lifeless closed field with pressurized surrounding, noisy background and other negative effects.The Unique Innovation Technology Team overcomes these problems through proprietary circuit designs to eliminate noise from transmitting within the music system.The design is inspired by more than 10 years of engineering experience in both fiber optics and electronic engineering. It utilizes concepts from fiber optic technologies to isolate certain signals from transmitting within the system.It utilizes concepts from...

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Grand Opening of UIT Online Store

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our online store ( for Unique Innovation Technology Co. (UIT) powered by Shopify to help ensure our customers have a safe and elegant online shopping experience. To celebrate the launch of our online store, we offer discounts for all of our major products with up to 35% off from their original price for a limited time, please visit our catalog for more info. We also offer free shipping for most addresses* within the USA. * Regions need to be supported by common mail services

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