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Our goal is to bring you a better experience in video/audio technologies with elegant and innovative product lines.

With years of experience in the audio engineering sector, we design product lines that eliminate possible ground circuit noise within electronic connections, while preserving audio/video signals to bring customers the delight of a cleaner, high - end, audio/video experience.

We are dedicated to continuous innovation and be one of the key players that drive the next revolution within the audio/video technology to benefit customers.

All of our products (unless otherwise specified) are designed, assembled and tested in California, United States of America

Award Winning Product Series

Unique Innovation Technology made into "The 14th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2017"

"These bargain audiophile interconnects will rock your world. They combine a clarity and super low level of any perceivable distortion that one can only imagine in many high-end cables just 5 years ago."

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Thanks for the positive review from Bob Levi, Senior Editor at Large, Positive Feedback and other editors for the publish on Positive Feedback.

Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series

The Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) series will work with most audio component in the market *. Once PMP is introduced within your audio system, you will have a noticeable improvement * in your audio experience: lively, open field with no pressure surrounding, quiet background, music instruments positioned in an orderly manner, clear separation between human voice and instrument sounds, crystal clear smooth high pitch, full rich alto, and strong bass. PMP product line will make you feel you are no longer wearing headphones, but actually sitting inside a live concert and enjoying its real time performance.

The Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) series product line is inspired by more than 10 years of engineering experience in both fiber optics and electronic engineering. PMP technology aims to isolate noise within transmission of signals between different music components. The noise is caused by the electronic ground circuit connection between different components and the shared connection between left and right music channels (crosstalk). This noise will degrade your audio experience: lifeless closed field with pressurized surrounding, noisy background, unclear details, no clear separation between left and right channels, roughness in high pitch, unclear alto and weak bass. The Unique Innovation Technology Team overcomes these problems through proprietary circuit designs to eliminate noise from transmitting within the music system. The design utilizes concepts from fiber optic technologies to isolate certain signals from transmitting within the system. The result is a technology that brings you noticeable improvement * in your audio experience.

We are proud to announce that all Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series are designed, assembled and tested in California, United States of America

Positive Reviews

Learn how Bob Levi from Positive Feedback thought Unique Innovation Technology Co. Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series and how it can be one of best interconnects to consider under $2000 per meter category. The article is published on Positive Feedback Issue 92.

"The Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Interconnect Series has taken connectivity in the under $2000 per meter category to a new supreme level, maybe even to the highest level. I will leave that conclusion to you, dear reader, to decide, but if you were considering any interconnects up to that cost, the UIT are your first and last option, in my judgement. "


Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Interconnect Series, World Premiere Review

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* Certain connector types are not supported, please check the connector type before purchasing

* Improvement in audio experience may vary depending on audio component and setup