Happy (US) Father's Day and June 2022!

Happy June 2022 🙂. Hope everyone and their loved ones are well and safe.
Happy upcoming Father's Day (US) on June 19, 2022.
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Learn how Bob Levi from Positive Feedback thought about Unique Innovation Technology Perfect Music Purifier USB Digital Cable compare with other cables in terms of performance and price:
"Tiny because—despite its price—it has bested my best reference brands for high definition, lack of fatigue, ultra-low distortion, big soundstaging, superb imaging, and analog-like musical presentation. No, granted, we did not have every brand in the world to compare, and yes, there may be more expensive better cables to come, but for the here-and-now, the UIT is king of the hill, and unusually affordable, too!"
- Bob Levi, Senior Associate Editor at Large, Positive Feedback
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