SMP - Perfect Music Purifier Speaker Cable

SMP - Perfect Music Purifier Speaker Cable

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The Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Series is for anyone who enjoys listening to music, and for those who want to improve their music experience for High - End audio setup, increasing the sound stage, perfectly detailed, completely transparent, powerfully dynamic, bringing more of the living music in front of you.

This UIT Perfect Music Purifier Speaker Cable Series brings the Perfect Music Purifier (PMP) Technology into speaker cables to transfer signals within High - End audio setup to speakers.

How does it work?

Perfect Music Purifier technology within the Perfect Music Purifier Speaker Cable eliminate the noise from both the ground loop and the crosstalk of 2 channels (the Right and the Left Channels) while allowing the true music signal go through. The end result is a music experience that is detailed, completely transparent, and powerfully dynamic with an open stage touch.

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General Specification

Name Description

Power AMP End Connector

Banana or Spade Connector (Base on Selection)

Speaker End Connector

Banana or Spade Connector (Base on Selection)

Cable Count

1 Pair (4 Cables Within a Single Unit)

Origin Country

This product is designed, manufactured and tested in California, United States of America


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